‘ Narco- Saints ’ Ending, Explained Does Kang Eventually Manage To Safely Return Home To South Korea?

The South Korean crime action suspense series “ Narco- Saints ” designedly names itself in a manner that's sure to get quick attention, for the narcotic leader in this show is a supposed saint as well. While it seems like this godly medicine lord is going to be the focus then, the Netflix suspenser actually stresses the long operation to bring this loose man to justice. “ Narco- Saints ” does give an amusing watch as a six-episode series, but its anticipated liar and lack of anything spectacular visually or else, fail to make the show anything remarkable in the formerly- crowded medicine crime suspenser kidney. 

Spoilers Ahead 

‘ Narco- Saints ’ Season 1 Plot Summary – What Is The Korean Series About? 

 Every episode of “ Narco- Saints ” opens with a disclaimer that the series is grounded on a true story but has been recreated for the purpose of drama. This story revolves around Kang In-Gu, a South Korean man veritably well habituated to the struggles of life from a youthful age. When still a youthful boy, Kang’s father had left the house, first to fight in the war and also to look for odd jobs to feed the family. Despite being talented in judo, Kang only used the sport to insure he got a free education at the academy and also had to ultimately leave it. As a teenager, he lost both his parents and had to take up the responsibility of two young siblings. Kang started working as a server at a bar and also as a garage handyperson, while he got married to have someone help around with ménage chores and also ultimately had two children of his own. Having to live through difficulties in life, and also his once guests, had made Kang a resourceful man, and he made his way to get the director of a bar visited by American stagers who stayed on after the war. Although he was making fair money this way, Kang was worn down by his life of always having to work hard and noway having time for his family and kiddies. It was around this time that his nonage friend Eungsoo first told him about an instigative business proposition. From his times of doing odd jobs around the earth, Eungsoo had been to the small Latin- American country of Suriname and had learned how the Surinamese people throw stakefish back into the water because they don't eat them. On the other side of the earth, in South Korea, stakefish happens to be a fish in high demand and with dwindling inventories. Although Kang isn't incontinently impressed by such a wild business idea, many further worrisome nights at his bar and his internal despair eventually move him. 

 It's with the plan of buying stakefish for dirt-cheap prices and dealing it for huge gains in the South Korean requests that Kang first goes to Suriname. Along with Eungsoo, he sets up a small factory to buy and store the fish from the original fishers, and they snappily realize how loose a country Suriname is. The army general walks up to their frontal door and makes an agreement for a protection policy, indeed though it's clear that the only trouble Kang and his business might face is from the army themselves. While the business gets off to a good launch, more problems come Kang’s way, this time in the form of the original Chinese mob, who now want money from him. Kang and Eungsoo visit the original Korean church one day, and find unanticipated help there, as the pastor, a South Korean man named Jeon Yo-Hwan, offers to break their problem. Jeon, who seems to be a veritably reputed figure in Suriname, irons out the Chinese mob problem, but after only many days, Kang receives news that the batch of fish he'd been exporting had been set up with cocaine inside it, and had been detained. veritably soon, Kang himself is arrested and transferred to captivity on a judgment of many months. 

 It's while being locked that Kang is first approached by the National Intelligence Service( NIS), South Korea’s topmost intelligence agency, through a driver named Choi Chang-Ho, and he's given an operation to take part in. It was actually Jeon who had hidden cocaine in Kang’s fish force, for the pastor was actually an established cocaine distributor in Suriname, and the South Korean government was hopeless to arrest him. In fact, Jeon had made a cult for himself out of followers whom he regularly cured with meth and cocaine to keep them under control. still, similar was Jeon’s influence that he couldn't be touched in Suriname, and thus, Choi and the NIS wanted Jeon to be dragged out to the US home. With a pledge of exonerating all the felonious charges against him and also with a large financial price attached, Kang In-Gu is given the responsibility of being a NIS tattletale inside Jeon’s gang and ever prevailing the narco- leader to operate in the American home. 

How Does The NIS Insinuate Jeon’s Gang And Prepare To Arrest Him? 

 Although Kang understands the inconceivable peril, he'd be putting himself in by trying to work against Jeon, especially after he learns that Eungsoo has been killed by Jeon’s gang, he also knows that there's no other way out for him from captivity and a tarnished life. After agreeing to work for the NIS, the agency helps him come known as a medicine dealer inside the captivity to get noticed by Jeon’s sentry, who's also put up in the same captivity. Once he's released, Kang goes over to Suriname’s Chinatown quarter to make relations with the man who had before hovered him, Chen Zhen. Due to their ethnical and business differences, Chen and Jeon had been antipathetic to each other for a long time, especially since Chen dealt with meth and Jeon with cocaine, and both wanted to get the other’s business. As Jeon supplies his medicines to Europe, Kang proposes to Chen that he knows someone willing to vend cocaine in South Korea and the rest of Southeast Asia, which is an extensive economic request. While Chen agrees to such a proposition, the real reason why Kang had gone to see him seems to only be noticed by Jeon, and he succeeds in it. Jeon’s men strongly take him down from Chinatown and to Jeon’s own sprawling estate to talk business. Jeon, too, is inversely interested in the Asian request and wants Kang to vend his cocaine there. 

There are no pretensions put up by either Jeon or Kang about their history, as they both admit the fact that it was Jeon who had used Kang to business his medicines, and Kang now convinces him that he has returned to Suriname only to make money for himself. Once Jeon is ready to believe the story and places business over his particular dubieties, Kang tells the man about his friend Sangman, who operates in Brazil and would be suitable to transport the medicines to South Korea. This Sangman is indeed Choi Chang-Ho, and Choi meets Jeon in person to plan out the deal. Being a medicine lord with a huge character and direct ties to the Surinamese President, Jeon Yo-Hwan obviously has his dubieties at first, and he ensures that both Choi and Kang’s histories are vindicated by his gang. After all similar checks and procedures, when Jeon is sure of his guests, he strikes a deal with Choi for a ton of cocaine to be vended to him that he'd also transport to Asia. The NIS knows well that they can not incontinently strike Jeon down, and so Choi plans this first deal only as a rough launch to his time with Jeon. He asks the medicine lord to transport the medicines to the Brazilian border, and with the NIS, he plans to carry a police intervention at this handover. Jeon agrees to the deal and sends his men over to the Brazilian border along with the medicines; then, they meet with Choi as Sangman, but the Brazilian police stop the deal. Although the NIS had planned to keep the ambushnon-hostile, the situation snappily escalates when some of Jeon’s men call for backup. Kang manages to escape the place with the other men of the Jeon gang, and they also manage to bring the medicines back. 

 Choi acts mealy with Jeon, saying that he has lost his money and now tries to find a different route for the medicine smuggling to take place by communicating with Jeon via Kang. While Jeon denies playing it so readily, he starts to take Kang more under his sect and give him some further power. He introduces Kang to President Delano, who also happens to be his good friend, as the man had come to President grounded on the financial help of Jeon. The medicine lord also tells Kang of his unborn business idea — so far, Jeon has been buying cocaine from the Columbians and only dealing it, but now he plans to grow his own shops and manufacture his own medicines to vend for larger gains. Jeon indeed offers Kang a directorial part in this new business, but Kang realizes that he and the NIS need to act presto to catch the medicine lord. But Choi and the NIS don't act exactly according to his wishes, and Kang grows decreasingly frustrated with the agency’s orders. He stressed for his own safety since Jeon had now realized there was a snake inside his camp and had started to find out who it was. Meanwhile, the NIS cut a deal with the DEA in the USA, making it guaranteed that the DEA would arrest Jeon if he did business on American soil. Choi also takes on the part of Sangman formerly again and negotiates with Jeon, saying that the cocaine is transferred over to Puerto Rico, from where it would be packed over to Asia. still, Jeon obviously rejects such a deal since Puerto Rico falls under American governance, and he doesn't want to expose himself to such trouble. 

Maybe out of his frustration with the NIS, and also from his constant trouble finding some result to his problem, Kang decides to sculpt out a path for himself, and he connects the Chinese gangbanger, Chen Zhen, over it. As Jeon had a ton of cocaine sitting with him and he was unintentional to make the dangerous trade with Choi, he, too, communicated with Chen as a result of his problem. Since Chen had distribution networks reach across Europe and Asia due to his meth business, Jeon wanted to make use of this network to vend off his cocaine while also not getting into trouble with the notorious Cali combination, which ran the utmost of the cocaine force chains in Latin America. Kang’s proposition to Chen, still, is that Chen agrees to deal with Jeon but actually kills him in a hassle, and also Chen and Kang would take over the cocaine business and make a fortune for themselves. Chen formerly more agrees with Kang’s plan and tells Jeon that he's ready to do business with him only if Jeon handed over a man named Byeon Ki to him. Byeon Ki had been a pious worker for Chen until he'd switched sides and had been taken under Jeon’s protection, and Chen now wanted him back so that he could kill him and take his vengeance. Jeon agrees to this deal, and as the whole handover is about to take place, Chen and his men ambush Jeon and kill the utmost of his gang, but fail to kill the leader himself. Jeon and many of the men manage to return to their base, and on the other side, Byeon Ki also manages to escape Chen’s men. The cocaine that Jeon had been dealing with, still, had been taken over by Chen and was now hidden nearly inside Chinatown. 
 Kang is understandably spooked by the situation at first but soon realizes that he can actually make a good deal out of it. He decides to bring the cocaine back to Jeon and earn his trust back to also make Jeon agree to the Puerto Rico deal, as there was no other dealer left for Jeon to go to. In this matter, Kang is extensively helped by Byeon Ki, who's revealed to have been a top NIS agent working in Suriname all this time to bring Jeon to justice. Together with Byeon Ki and Jeon’s support, Kang brings back the cocaine while killing Chen Zhen in the process. Now that Jeon formerly again has a huge store of medicines in his hand that he's hopeless to vend off, and after he kills his close assistant, David, incorrectly believing him to be an operative in his gang, the pastor medicine lord is ready to agree with Choi’s Puerto Rico deal. As both Kang and Choi constantly tell him that Puerto Rico isn't really under American land and is, thus, safe to deal with, Jeon seems really out of choice, and he eventually seems convinced. 

‘ Narco- Saints ’ Ending Explained Does Kang And Choi Arrest Jeon In Time? 

 The original plan for the whole medicine handover was that Kang would take Jeon’s medicines and fly to Puerto Rico, where the NIS and the DEA would be staying for them. Then they would declare that Jeon had tried to smuggle medicines through the American homes and would also arrest the man from Suriname, while Kang would be safely returned to South Korea. still, with so numerous intimidating events taking place in history, Jeon grows cautious of such an outgrowth, and at the veritably last moment, he decides to shoot a different man in Puerto Rico with the medicines, and rather keep Kang with him as a possible hostage if need be. The airplane arrives in Puerto Rico, and the DEA takes control of the situation. While it was being stressed that Jeon might have dashingly not transferred cocaine in it, similar fears were quashed as the medicine was set up in the weight, and the authorities were now on the way to Suriname to arrest them. Meanwhile, both Jeon and Kang had been desperately staying for some news, and Jeon constantly tried to communicate with the man he'd transferred for the handoff. This man, a youthful, pious follower of Jeon’s cult, managed to shoot Jeon a cryptic communication while in guardianship, and this made it clear to Jeon that the commodity was going wrong. He takes Kang hostage, but the man is saved in time by Byeon Ki and also the approaching DEA dogfaces. Jeon tries to escape into the thick Surinamese timbers, which was nearly like a safe haven for him now, but Kang, Choi, and the rest of the DEA platoon arrive just in time to stop him and arrest Jeon Yo-Hwan formerly and for all. 
 As the brigades celebrate their success, both Byeon Ki and Kang return to their native South Korea. Kang returns to his home in Dongducheon and reunites with his woman and two children. Six months have passed by, and Kang has renewed his garage business, repairing buses and dealing corridor, as the money that had been promised to him by the NIS still has not reached him. One day, Choi comes to meet him and tells him that while the NIS couldn't directly hand over such a large quantum of cash to Kang, they were willing to give Kang two popular karaoke bars for free. Kang could thus run the bars, just like he used to ahead going to Suriname, and earn large gains for himself, but the man rejects the idea. He disagrees with going back to the routine life of being down from his family to earn plutocrats all the time and now seems happier with the little quantities he earns from his garage and the eatery his woman opened. Choi seems to understand him, and he tells him how Jeon, who was now in captivity, had said that prized possession of his was still with Kang. Kang remembers how Jeon had before given him a ball with signatures of supposed baseball stars each over it, and he'd always allowed that the signatures were fake. still, it now seems that they were indeed real, and Kang thinks of how important money dealing this ball would earn him when “ Narco- Saints ” draws to an end. 

 It was to earn large quantities of money and posterior life of comfort that Kang In-Gu first stepped out of South Korea, but in the process, he had to endure an unconceivable series of events as a businessman. Working in a covert operation with the NIS was no small deal, but Kang still wanted money out of it, for similar instigative guests don't really pay for one’s financial requirements. But not only did he not admit the money promised, but he could also noway prove that he'd worked with the NIS because the agency couldn't confirm similar covert operations. Throughout his time in Suriname, Kang had missed spending time with his family and had also stressed an outgrowth analogous to that of his friend Eungsoo, whose family would noway see him again. Kang did a flashback to his friend just as he flashed back to his own family, as he made sure that the corridor of the money, he was earning was transferred to both his and Eungsoo’s family. Eventually, in the end, it's the time with his loving family that Kang cherishes the most, and he doesn't want to lose out on seeing his children grow up for any quantum of money in the world. 
 “ Narco- Saints ” is a 2022 Drama Crime Series streaming on Netflix.

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