‘ Rich In Love 2 ’ Ending Explained What happed To Everaldo? How Was Igor Related To Teto?

Teto and Paula are back with the alternate investiture of Rich in Love. After all the dishonesty and drama that unfolded in Rich in Love, Teto, and Paula eventually reunited in the end. But are they still together? Well, yes. They're still together and madly in love with each other. But problems start in paradise when Paula decides to renew working as a levy croaker in the Amazon. Bidding farewell to Paula wasn't easy for Teto, and he was ready to do whatever it took to keep her close. Not only was his love life in trouble, but business at “ Teto Fresco ” wasn't going too well. His father decided not to renew the contract between ‘ Trancoso Tomatoes and ‘ Teto Fresco. ’ The hutch started by Teto, Igor, Alana, and Monique wasn't making a profit, and with ‘ Trancoso Tomatoes ’ refusing to buy their product, their business was in serious trouble. 


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‘ Rich In Love 2 ’ Plot Summary What Is The Film About? 

Teto desperately wanted Paula to stay, and he asked his father to move Paula and her tutor, Dr. Tawan, to set up their design in Paty do Alferes rather than the Amazon. Paula could smell that Teto was behind the offer. While the offer was generous, Dr. Tawan wanted to concentrate on the cases that were dependent on them in the Amazon. Teto’s father, Teodoro, offered to help their cause by connecting them with businessman Everaldo Coimbra. Coimbra worked at his father’s ranch and used to be his right-hand man. His company, EverNorth, had lately become the largest patron of tomatoes in the north of Brazil. Teto watched his dream crush before his eyes as Teo handed Dr. Tawan and Paula backing to continue their work. There was no way to stop Paula, and the consummation pained Teto. 


When Teo declared that he'd not renew the contract his company had with ‘ Teto Fresco, ’ Teto tried to come up with a plan to save his hutch. Tomatoes were produced in cornucopia in the southeast, so Teto decided to take his business to the Amazon. The decision was incomplete to save the company but substantially to stay close to Paula. Teto arrived at Paula’s medical camp on her birthday in a decorated steamer boat. Paula plodded to put up with Teto’s tyrannous nature. She wanted to concentrate on her work rather than dealing with her swain’s instability and explosions. When Paula left the agreement to visit another community, Teto decided it was the right time to chase her and propose to her. But as luck would have it, his motorboat ran out of batteries. As Teto tried to find his way through the timber, he tripped and fell over. Members from the indigenous community helped Teto recover. The accident allowed Teto to look beyond his selfish requirements and concentrate on chancing a result that would help his business and profit the indigenous community as well. 


What Was Teto’s New Business Plan? 

When Everaldo Coimbra offered to buy Teto Fresco, Igor and Monique decided to accept it. But Teto wasn't on board with their plan. He wasn't ready to let go of the business for plutocrats, but for Igor and Monique, dealing with the company was the coming logical step. Teto requested that Igor and Monique give him a week to come up with an offer that would help revive their business; if he failed, he'd allow them to vend the company. Teto planned to produce sustainable agroforestry by making a ‘ Teto Fresco ’ hutch in cooperation with the Hipanaa community. Teto had to win the trust of the Hipanaa community, and only could he start erecting the hutch. He bandied his idea with Wunin, a member of the community who helped Teto heal from his injury. By tilling tomatoes for the hutch, the community would not have to depend on working at the illegal mine. The plutocrat that the community would earn could help them fight for their land. While the idea was promising, he demanded the blessing of every leader that was within the community. As a stranger, Teto had to first prove that he could become a part of the community. While Teto was originally lousy, Wunin helped him understand how his negligence was affecting everyone around him. She taught him the significance of literacy to live as a collaborative. Teto was a putrefied brat who noway had to watch about others ’ opinions, but as he started to live within the community, he realized the significance of harkening to others and working together. After proving that he was good at getting a part of the community, Teto was accepted by the leaders, and he was declared a member of the collaborative. 


Who Was Behind Pawi’s Hijacking? And Why? 

After watching Teto evolve from a tone-obsessed individual to someone ready to devote himself to the community, Paula chose to get back with him. Their romantic moment under the cascade was intruded upon when they heard faint riots. They noticed Wunin there and watched the people working at the mine from a distance. Paula noticed that the men were adding mercury to the deposits they collected, and she realized that it was the reason why most of the people in the community were fleetly falling ill. Community members who worked at the illegal mines knew the reason behind the unforeseen sickness, but they were helpless and chose to remain silent. 


Teto noticed Everaldo arrive at the mine. As it turns out, Everaldo wasn't dealing tomatoes for the price of gold; he was dealing gold! The tomato business was simply a cover for the illegal mine. Everaldo planned on expanding the business, and he was buying his way to get the regulations modified according to his interests. Teto’s cooperation business idea was a trouble to Everaldo, and that was the reason why he wanted to buy the company. Paula was surprised to see Dr. Tawan meet Everaldo in private. Since Tawan was trying to raise mindfulness about the impact of mercury on the community, Everaldo bought him to maintain silence. He asked Tawan not to attract attention, at least until the mine was regulated and under law. Tawan accepted the plutocrat offered by Everaldo, further shocking Paula. Wunin later revealed that their community member, Pawi, was abducted by Everaldo’s men to force their community to move out of their land. They could either immolate their lives by staying or abandon their sacred land. 


‘ Rich In Love 2 ’ Ending Explained How Was Igor Related To Teto? 

Igor and Monique were ready to accept Everaldo’s deal, but they wanted to stay for Teto’s blessing. As they boarded the steamer boat, Teto, Paula, and Wunin climbed in and hovered Everaldo to ask his guards not to reply to the unforeseen hostage situation. Igor and Monique were oblivious, so Paula bandied with Everaldo’s illegal mining business to explain the ambush. The only way for Everaldo to escape the situation was by allowing Pawi to go free. Since Igor had introduced himself as Teto to win Everaldo’s trust, he asked Igor( who he allowed was Teto) to ever come to an understanding with Teto( who, according to Everaldo, was Igor). Teto admitted that he was Teto and not Igor, but he didn't understand the secret that Everaldo was talking about. Igor informed Teto that, according to Everaldo, he was Teto’s uncle. Teto’s forefather had a son out of connubiality, and Everaldo was the bone

 who handed the baby over to the ranch biddies to raise him. While Igor wasn't sure about Everaldo’s story, Teto decided to support him. He always considered Igor to be his family, and he was enraptured upon chancing out that they were indeed related. 


 Everaldo asked his men to release Pawi, but he refused to admit that he was at fault for investing in an illegal mine. Everaldo was induced that someone someday would take advantage of the land, and he wasn't repentant about the opinions he made. He points his gun at Teto and shoots him for ruining his business. Tato fell into the water, and he was brought to Hipanaa to be treated. Meanwhile, whenDr. Tawan returned, and Paula revealed that she knew about the bribery. Tawan showed Paula the videotape he'd intimately shot during his discussion with Everaldo. He wasn't on Everaldo’s side; he simply wanted to show the world how loose Everaldo was. The videotape started to trend on social media platforms. Rich in Love comes to an end with the arrest of Everaldo five days after the release of the bribery videotape. Nine million bones in cash were recovered from the operation. Teto, Paula, Igor, Alena and Monique were back at Paty do Alferas. The family gathered for Alena’s baby shower, and Teto’s father, Teodoro, honored Igor as his half-family. Indeed though it was awkward at first, they were all glad to be together as a family. Teodoro offered Igor to become the Vice President of the Trancoso company. Igor couldn't accept the offer because Alena wanted to continue working after giving birth, and he decided to look after their baby and concentrate on completing his council thesis. Teto asked Teo to consider Alena for the VP position, and he accepted his son’s offer. Teto blazoned Monique as the CEO of ‘ Teto Fresco. ’ After starting the cooperation, ‘ Teto Fresco ’ became a booming business. 


 At the end of Rich in Love, we find out that Teto was onto his coming invention after chancing a sustainable way to keep ‘ Teto Fresco ’ round. When Wunin first met Teto, she mentioned having had golden tomatoes as a child. Teto was fascinated by the idea of golden tomatoes, and he decided to travel to the border where Wunin grew up to find a way to grow them. After spending time piecemeal, Paula headed to the border to find Teto. As it turns out, Teto was successful in growing back the golden tomatoes. Teto wanted his life to be purposeful, and chancing results and inventions gave his life meaning. He intended on taking the golden tomatoes to Wunin and the community, and only if they agreed would he take the tomatoes around the globe. Paula realized that Teto was no longer the putrefied brat she formerly met. He was a lot more focused and devoted. He set up his identity without constantly counting on Paula to give his actual meaning. Paula was proud of him, and she fell in love with him all over again. Rich in Love ends on a happy note with the reunion of Paula and Teto. Teto demanded to grow up, and life turned out to be his stylish schoolteacher.

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