’ 20th Century Girl ’ Ending, Explained Why Does Woon Ho Stop reaching Bo Ra?

 It's a fact that Korean cinema infrequently disappoints. They may not always produce path-breaking content, but at least they make sure to not let down the ones who have placed their trust in them. That's what the “ 20th Century Girl ” is. It's a story about first love and the significance it holds for the rest of your lives. It follows Bo Ra as she balances her passions for Woon Ho and her fellowship with Yeon Doo, all the while maintaining a bright spirit that completely grown grown-ups would struggle to emulate. We've to admit, the characters were kindly general, but we will forgive that, considering the story got all the feels right. Let us take a look at how the story unfolded in 1999. 

Spoilers Ahead

Bo Ra And Woon Ho’s Love Story 

 It's 1999, and Bo Ra’s stylish friend Yeon Doo is going to America for her heart surgery. She tells Bo Ra that she has fallen in love with Hyun Jin, a joe who goes to their school. She doesn’t want to go presently because she wants to stay back and be with him. Bo Ra tells her that she's being stupid( we agree) and that she'll help her find out further about him. Yeon Doo leaves, and Bo Ra sets out to collect any information about him. She stalks him and discovers his height, his favorite drink, and indeed his shoe size, regularly emailing these details to her stylish friend. He's frequently accompanied by his stylish friend, Poong Woon Ho. One day, to find his phone number, she goes through an entire list in the telephone registry before striking gold. At her last coin, she gets his number right, but he figures out that it's her calling him. The coming day, she comes to know that this whole time, she was stalking Woon Ho and not Hyun Jin. He tells her that he'll get her word about his friend if she gets him the stuff he wants. He demands that she bring an NSFW movie from her store. She does so but ends up getting caught by the schoolteacher. These little hassles keep passing until one day, she injures her leg to deliver Hyun Jin from some original mugs. Hyun Jin shows up the coming day and asks out Bo Ra, but she turns him down and runs out of the eatery. Woon ho follows her and helps her tie up the girth on her leg. He gently inquires whether she likes Hyun Jin. Bo Ra sees Woon Ho in a new light as he tends to her leg and looks relatively handsome doing it. She tells him that she's interested but doesn’t like him. Any normal teenage boy would have prodded a little further to know the exact meaning behind such a vague statement. But Woon Ho is the mysterious idol of K- drama land, and he accepts what she says. 

 The coming scene cuts to them all going on a school trip, where formerly again, Hyun Jin tries to flirt with Bo Ra, but she turns him down yet again. Seeing these relations, Woon Ho gains confidence that he has a chance later. That night, Bo Ra gets drunk with her classmates and runs into Woon Ho. She tells him that he has enough eyes and that she likes him. From also onwards, it's the launch of their story. He tells her that he misses his brother in New Zealand and wants to see her again. She asks him for a movie, and he agrees. But there's a wrench in their plans. Yeon Doo returns, and we come to know that the person she had a crush on was Woon Ho and not Hyun Jin. Bo Ra is unfit to confess to her that they've started seeing each other and decides to back off of her own accord. She sends Yeon Doo to her place for the movie. That night, she calls Woon Ho from the pay phone. He asks her to count to 10. By the time she's done, he's in front of her. K- dramatizations know how to deliver butterflies. 

But it's far from ideal as Bo Ra tells him that she doesn’t have passion for him and breaks up with him. That night, when he was returning home, he flashed back to how he'd fallen in love with her when he'd come back to Korea. He'd fallen in love with her first and wanted to tell her that before he returned to New Zealand. There's some awkwardness between them in the coming days, which is noticed by Yeon Doo. It all comes to a head when, during a double date to the recreation demesne, Woon Ho just goes for it and confesses his passions to Bo Ra. He tells her that he's leaving, but Bo Ra doesn’t reply and hides her passions. Hyun Jin tells Yeon Doo that they've been seeing each other. While going back home, the two stylish friends fight, with Yeon Doo telling her that she should have been honest with her. 

’ 20th Century Girl ’ Ending Explained Why Does Woon Ho Stop reaching Bo Ra? 

latterly, she tells Woon Ho about the reality of Bo Ra’s passions and encourages him to not give up on them yet. That night, he goes to meet her, but she's in the sanitarium with her brother Ba Da. The coming day, Yeon Doo tells her that Woon Ho is leaving and that she should go and meet him. She reaches just in time to the train station, and the two of them confess their passions to each other before separating. That was the last time she saw him. They kept in touch for a while, with him planning to get into a university in Korea, but one fine day, he stopped replying to her emails. She doesn’t hear from him again. Confused and angry, she tries to get over him until one day, she goes on an eyeless date with someone who's also named Woon Ho. She breaks down in gashes and makes one last call to him through a payphone, where she tells him in gashes that she'll noway suppose of him again. 

Time passes, and he's a distant memory in the reverse of her mind. One day, when she receives an assignment to an art exhibition from someone named Joseph. She understands this has a commodity to do with Woon Ho and accepts it. At the exhibition, she sees the recollections of their time spent together before she's approached by Joseph. He's Woon Ho’s little brother, and he tells her that he failed all those times agone. But in his short life, he'd unfeignedly loved Bo Ra, and she signified a great deal to him. 

 “ 20th Century Girl ” ends with Bo Ra watching a videotaped film that Woon Ho had put together of their time spent together, reliving her recollections and passions of the last time of the 20th century, when their love had bloomed. 

Final Studies What Works For ’ 20th Century Girl ’? 

It isn't a complicated story. The movie is clear that it's a story of love and nostalgia and delivers directly. Other than the characters who felt a little commonplace, it gave an overall sweet vibe. The shots are beautiful, and the actors are in good form. There's no real villain then, just complicated passions and a little lack of communication that isn't exactly made easy by not having cell phones. This film is a good way to spend two hours on a weekday, and we don’t mind recommending it to our friends. One can always count on K- drama to deliver a good love story, and it's one of the saving graces of a kidney that's hanging by a thread. 


 “ 20th Century Girl ” is a 2022 Drama Romance film directed by Woo- ri Bang. 

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