‘ God’s Crooked Lines ’ Ending, Explained Did Alice Prove Her Innocence? What happed To Romulus & Remus?

Directed by Oriol Paola, “ God’s Crooked Lines ” is grounded on Torcuato Luca de Tena’s novel of the same name that was released in 1979. The film is centered around Alice Gould de Almenara, a ravishingly beautiful and brilliant woman who enters an internal shelter in Spain to uncover the mysterious death of a captured. She's a private investigator and was communicated by the departed’s father to examine the case. What makes “ God’s Crooked Lines ” an instigative watch, indeed with a runtime of 155 twinkles, are the multiple twists and turns. It's nearly insolvable to trust any one narrative — while Alice is satisfying, is she truly a private investigator? Or is she delusional and wants to believe in a large conspiracy? 

Spoilers Ahead

‘ God’s Crooked Lines ’ Plot Summary What Is The Film About? 

The doctor who suggested the hospitalization of Alice, Dr.E. Donadio, wrote a letter to the shelter director, Samuel Alvar, advising him of Alice’s intelligence and asking him to noway trust her falsehoods, indeed if they feel satisfied. Indeed though she was rehabilitated for trying to poison her hubby several times, she wanted the installation to believe that her hubby was the bone who fairly abducted her. His motive was to come to the sole director of her large fortune. Alice had answers to every question raised; she stated that her hubby chose not to involve the police in probing the poisoning case. This was to avoid the court from appointing her a guardian, and he'd no longer be the one to have sole control over her wealth. Alice was extraordinarily satisfying. Her suggestive eyes and facetious answers could fluently make anyone trust her story. From the moment Monserrat, the deputy director of the installation, met Alice, she felt immediate sympathy toward her. Alice belonged to a rich family; she was beautiful and logically sound. She was unlike utmost cases living at the installation, and that was the primary reason why Monserrat wanted to accommodate her every need. She was allowed to bring along with her a psychology book. Inside the book, she had reviewed parings of the self-murder of Damian Garcia del Olmo, the case she was probing.

 Alice befriended Ignacio Urquieta, an capture who conceded his internal insecurity and had special boons because of his good conduct. She also developed a connection with the binary sisters, Romulus and Remus, who were born at the installation. Romulus had grown up believing that one of the girls at the shelter was his family, and he'd go to any extent to cover her. While she wasn't truly his family, he'd attack anyone who dared say that to him. Romulus respected Alice and was induced that she was their mama. Alice wondered if Damian had in any way offended Romulus and if that might have led to the murder. She also had her eye on Luis Ojeda since he'd constantly tried to sexually assault her. He was always accompanied by the “ elephant man, ” who defended him from every trouble. 

During her session with Dr. Arellano, she bandied that her hubby, Heliodoro, wasn't interested in children. Indeed though she didn't mistrust him, she'd not be surprised if he had an affair. But she, on the other hand, was fully faithful to him, indeed though she had a plenitude of suitors. She expressed how she despised seeing herself in her current position and how she respected herself for wanting to be better. Arellano’s gradational change of heart becomes apparent. He started to trust her and had grown emotionally invested in her. When she asked him to hand over the keys to the staff restroom, he didn't vacillate, and she used it to her advantage. By congesting a commode, she bought herself enough time to meddle around the library and find the list of cases who were allowed to leave on the day of the self-murder/ murder. A letter was transferred by the killer to Damian’s father, and Alice believed that the letter was written by someone who suffered from schizophrenia. She misdoubted Ignacio because he was the only one who was allowed to leave the installation that day. Ignacio explained that he was allowed to leave the demesne every time his family visited him, further attesting to Alice’s mistrustfulness. The most important question was whether or not he suffered from schizophrenia. Noticing the fear in his eyes, she was certain that he was the one, but latterly she realized that he was scarifying because of the rain that started pouring during their discussion. Ignacio suffered from hydrophobia, but he wasn't schizophrenic. She latterly bandied the case with Ignacio and mentioned that Dr. Alvar was the only one who knew about her secret disquisition and had granted her authorization to break the case by living with the cases. 

 As “ God’s Crooked Lines ” progresses, it's nearly insolvable to ignore Alice’s claim. Her fidelity to working the case and her response during the sessions were evidence of her internal stability and intelligence. But the words of Dr. Donadio sounded insolvable to ignore. Was Alice telling the verity, or was she getting the croakers and the followership entangled in her words? Did her hubby attend to her to get hold of her wealth? 

How Did Alice Prove That She Was A Private Investigator? 

Alice learned from her discussion with Ignacio that Luis was missing on the night of the incident. She followed him to the timber, hoping to get hold of him. In the timber, she met Romulus and his family. He'd erected a new house that acted as their safe space. While spending time with Romulus, she heard strange noises. She decided to follow the noise, knowing that someone was harkening to their discussion. She was soon attacked by Luis, and she could slightly flashback what had happened next. She woke up in the sanitarium bed, and her hands and legs were tied. Arellano explained that she was the high suspect in the murder of Luis because his body was set up right next to hers. She recalled that Luis had tried to force her, but just also, someone different came to her deliverance and boggled him. But she didn't flash back the person who had boggled Luis. Alice was hopeless to be released, and she was relieved to notice. Alvar there. She reminded him of the letters they had changed about the murder disquisition, but he sounded fully ignorant. She was frustrated when he refused to admit their correspondence. He further denied ever communicating with Dr. Garcia del Olmo regarding the disquisition. 

She was thoroughly shaken, and she realized that it was all a trap. She was made to believe that she was probing a case, and that was how her hubby got her inside the installation. Now that she was admitted, they were trying to keep her inside by force. She was kept in insulation after she attacked Dr. Alvar. She latterly managed to move Monserrat to take her to a board meeting to bandy her case. She explained to the board how. Donadio hadn't written the letter that was transferred by him. She further added that her hubby wasn't apprehensive that she was admitting herself to the sanitarium; he knew that she was traveling to Buenos Aires for many days. She tricked him and made him subscribe to the concurrence form. She also established that she had prevaricated about her hubby trying to poison her, and she said so to get inside the shelter. She didn't bandy the case with the installation because she believed that they would dismiss it by stating that it was all her fantasy. But she wanted to come clean now, and she handed a detailed explanation about how Dr. del Olmo had communicated with her and had asked her to probe his son’s death. He noway believed that his son had committed self-murder. She intensively studied the case and concluded that the killer was one of Dr. del Olmo’s cases. To enter the sanitarium, she looked paranoia to move the croakers about her internal illness. She also requested their croaker, Dr. Donadio, to attest to her condition. She quoted an excerpt from the sealed letter to further prove that she was the one who wrote the letter inked by. Donadio. She concluded that it was all a performance and that she wasn't mentally unstable. She established that Dr. Alvar was lying about not knowing her because he was involved in forging documents to allow her entry into the shelter, and he didn't wish to get caught for it. 

Dr. Alvar rubbished her claim; he indicted her of manipulating his croakers and probing a case that had formerly been answered. He believed that Alice was egocentric and could fluently move the people around her of her innocence, but when someone refused to submit to her, she tended to turn violent. Dr. Alvar further concluded that she might have poisoned her hubby out of defeat. She respected him for his beauty and chose him over her numerous suitors. But after marrying him, she realized that he was only there for her fortune and not because he loved her. She tried to poison him, but he was fortunate enough to recover each time. But soon, she set up out that her hubby was apprehensive that she was the one behind the poisoning, and she knew that she'd be penalized for the crime. She couldn't accept that she was mentally unstable, and that's the reason why she created a story about why she demanded to enter the shelter. She made herself believe that she was entering as a private investigator and not as a patient. She had the upper hand in that case, and that assured her. While. Alvar’s proposition was sound, Monserrat and Arellano couldn't accept it. They wanted to corroborate every detail.

‘ God’s Crooked Lines ’ Ending Explained How Did Alice Convince The Medical Board Of Her Innocence? Who Was boggled In The End? 

 To corroborate Alice’s claim, the installation invited Dr. del Olmo to the shelter. He was present when Ignacio bared that Luis wasn't boggled by Alice. According to Ignacio’s interpretation, the death of Luis was an accident, and Alice agreed with his statement. The police were left out of the case to not hinder the shelter’s character. Alice noticed Dr. del Olmo, but she failed to fete him. When she was told that the man in front of her was the person, she claimed to be her customer, she looked at him in unbelief. She blatted that the person who introduced himself as Dr. del Olmo wasn't the man present in the room. But Monserrat and Arellano comforted her that the man was Dr. del Olmo. Alice was visibly confused and shaken; she could smell that the story she had erected was falling piecemeal, and the people who had trusted her now goggled at her with mistrustfulness. During her rigorous treatment, she wondered what the verity was, and she subconsciously realized that the verity could be whatever she wanted it to be. thus, she started from the morning again. She redefined the entire story and tried to find where she had gone wrong. She realized that the man who claimed to be Dr. del Olmo was someone her hubby had appointed to trick her. Heliodoro got her involved in the disquisition so that she'd willingly enter the shelter only to be trapped there for life. She now knew the verity and again induced Monserrat and Arellano of her innocence. She believed that Dr. Donadio, Heliodoro, and indeed Dr. Alvar were involved in proving her mentally unstable. She requested that Monserrat and Arellano track her bank account; if her plutocrat was missing, it would indicate that she was telling the verity. But the bank refused to expose any details since they had no reason not to believe that she was mentally unstable. To clear his mistrustfulness, Arellano went to Alice’s house and set up out that her hubby had left. Meanwhile, Monserrat set up out that Heliodoro had made a large donation to the shelter, further raising dubitation. Monserrat and Arellano had enough evidence to believe Alice; they were induced that she had been tricked and admitted to the sanitarium. 

 In the meantime, Alice spoke to all the members of the shelter and asked them for their support to help her escape from the installation. She asked Ignacio to hand him his lighter, and she created a fire that led to extreme chaos. This gave her the perfect occasion to leave. Just as she was about to leave, she learned that Romulus had been killed. She decided to probe the case, and to do so, she dealt with the coroner and entered the installation by impersonating her. She studied Romulus’s body and concluded that it was crushed by a large object, performing in a sunken casket and several broken bones. She derived that it was the “ giant man ” who had boggled Romulus. The man had always had a relish for Romulus’s family, but he couldn't get close to her, and his love remained unrequited. The only person he could call his stylish friend, Luis, was taken down from him. She added that it was Romulus who had boggled Luis that day in the timber to cover her. thus, he had enough reasons to detest Romulus, and he took advantage of the chaos to end his life. His hands were comported of the glass injuries that Alice had prognosticated, and he was arrested for the crime. The police were impressed by Alice’s intelligence. She introduced herself as a private investigator who was held against her will in the shelter. Indeed though. Alvar tried to say else, the police had reasons to misdoubt him. They said that they checked her account after Arellano visited the bank and asked them to look into it. They set up out that her hubby had cleared all her bank accounts, and he could only do so because she was proven to be incapacitated. The police took her case, and the faculty at the shelter wrote a letter to the megacity council asking for the junking. Alvar for being the loose director of the institute. 

 We latterly learn that Romulus wasn't boggled that night; it was Remus who was killed by the “ giant man. ” Romulus had gone to save his family during the fire outbreak, and the “ giant man ” mistook Remus for Romulus and killed him. Alice knew the verity; she stated that as their mama figure, she could distinguish between Romulus from Remus. maybe Romulus wanted Remus to live, and the fact that people believed he was alive helped him manage with the tragedy. Alice promised to visit him after her release. She was presented before the medical board to bandy her case. Monserrat mentioned that they were still in hunt of her fugitive hubby; all they knew was that he'd sailed nearly in South Asia. Alice added that the fact that Dr. Donadio was in Zurich at the same time was no coexistence. They both planned to prove her insanity. Dr. Alvar wasn't induced yet; he believed that all Alice could prove was that her hubby had taken the plutocrat from her account, but they didn't have any evidence to indicate that he came up with the minatory plan to admit her to the shelter. But Dr. Alvar decided to withdraw from voting and rather asked the rest of the faculty to make the decision. In case they suggested her stable, he wanted them to replace his expatriation letter with his abdication letter. The board suggested in favor of Alice and declared her stable. Before leaving the institute, Dr. Alvar stated that he'd had a discussion with Dr. Donadio. The man had gone on a holiday with his woman after attending the congress in Zurich. While they allowed he'd fled, in reality, he noway entered any of their correspondence. Dr. Alvar had asked Dr. Donadio to come and clarify the matter with the board. As it turned out, Dr. Donadio was the man Alice had imagined to be, Dr. del Olma. He entered and asked Alice what trouble she had gotten herself into while she looked at him with fear and unbelief. 

“ God’s Crooked Lines ” leaves it up to the followership to conclude. Considering the number of times Alice changes her narrative, it's delicate to trust her by the end of the film. Also, when the story she had formulated fell suddenly after the visit of Dr. del Olma, she made herself believe that the verity was whatever she wanted it to be, further indicating that she had a malformed idea about reality. When she realized that Dr. del Olma wasn't the man she knew, she assumed that her hubby had hired someone to pretend to be Dr. del Olma. Whereas in reality, the man she imagined to be Dr. del Olma was Dr. Donadio. Indeed though she must have met Dr. Donadio since he was their family croaker, she accessibly distorted the truth. However, we can conclude that Alice had poisoned her hubby after realizing he wasn't in love with her and all he wanted was her fortune, If we consider this the verity. He consulted Dr. Donadio and had her admitted to the sanitarium, after which he took all the money from her account and left the country. Of course, her hubby was untrustworthy and didn't wince down from taking advantage of her internal insecurity.

Still, chances are that she'll claim that the man who introduced himself as Dr. If we decide to trust Alice. Donadio was lying. Though it seems questionable that he'd lie about his identity. What isn't insolvable is that Dr. Donadio was paid heavily by Heliodoro, and his report on poisoning was false. They might have indeed taken advantage of her internal condition to prove her shamefaced. He did it to earn money from the case, indeed if that meant doctoring someone against her will. It could have been a grand scheme, but by Alice’s expression at the end of “ God’s Crooked Lines, ” she was floundering to comprehend the verity. While she originally looked at him with confusion, her expression changed after many seconds, indicating that her mind was busy planning to explain her interpretation of the verity. “ God’s crooked lines ” toys with the followership’s mind till the very end, and the inconclusive ending further adds to the riddle. 

 “ God’s Crooked Lines ” is a 2022 Drama Thriller film directed by Oriol Paola.

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