‘ She Said ’ Ending, Explained How Did Megan Twohey And Jodi Kantor Expose Harvey Weinstein?

“ She Said ” is a biographical drama film that presents a fictional retelling of the work of two New York Times intelligencers, which basically inspired the transnational#MeToo movement. With Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor in focus, the film maps their experience of chancing the victims, persuading them to open up, and also navigating through the legal complications involved with the case. Till also, Harvey Weinstein was considered a distinguished Hollywood patron and a man not to be meddled with, until Megan and Jodi’s report unmasked him for the bloodsucker and robber that he is. “ She Said ” is a good, precise donation of this and is easy to recommend, substantially for its liar. 

Spoilers Ahead

‘ She Said ’ Plot Summary What Is The Film About? 

In 2016, with the US Presidential choices right around the corner, New York Times, investigative journalist Megan Twohey is seen preparing a considerably delved composition about reports of sexual importunity against seeker Donald Trump. Hoping that this composition would have a real-world impact, Megan puts in all her trouble, indeed through her early stages of gestation. Trump was conceivably shaken by the composition, too, as he kept responding that the women with similar allegations against him were lying and hovered to sue the New York Times if they didn't take the composition down. But despite all of this, in what numerous might still consider a shock, Donald Trump was tagged President of the USA, and Megan was hugely dejected by the picky blindness of people. 

 Five months latterly, news of Bill O’Reilly’s departure from Fox News broke out following The New York Times report on the matter. The quondam superintendent editor Dean Baquet and one of the elderly editors, Rebecca Corbett, ask their platoon to try and find further investigative reports on sexual importunity in the plant, wanting to bring the matter into mainstream public focus. It was around this time that another investigative journalist, Jodi Kantor, first got to know about actress Rose McGowan’s tweets saying that she had been ravished by a distinguished patron, with the indicted sloped to be Harvey Weinstein. Jodi incontinently starts to approach the possible story as further names like that of Ashley Judd start to come up, and the intelligence gets in touch with each of them, including Rose McGowan. still, none of them is ready to talk to the New York Times about their allegations, some of which were made quite some time agone, substantially because of a general belief that nothing would come of it. The women, who had formerly lost ground in their careers due to Weinstein’s and the entire assiduity’s treatment of them, didn't find confidence in Jodi all of an unforeseen. Confused about what to do next, Jodi connections Megan, who was on motherly leave at the time, and asks her to join her for this report. Soon, the two of them manage to come up with a composition that can shake up established systems and reveal Hollywood’s horrible secrets. 

How True Are The Events Shown In The Film? 

To cut to the chase right down, the events presented in “ She Said ” are in exact agreement with what happened. The film is grounded on a book named “ She Said Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped enkindle a Movement, ” written by two veritably talented intelligencers Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey. The film gives pictorial details about Weinstein’s assault on the multitudinous women associated with Miramax, ranging from actresses to sidekicks, and they're shown in exchanges throughout rather than putting stress on visually showing any resemblance, which is estimable. In all of the cases, Weinstein forced himself on each of the women in the most casual of ways, as if it were only anticipated of them. In numerous of the cases, the victims recall that he mentioned unequivocal acts or being naked as a part of their job, especially in the case of the sidekicks. After each of these incidents, when the women lashed out or indeed protested mildly against these acts, Weinstein made sure that they were fired from their jobs and also laterally blacklisted from the entire assiduity. When the women approached other companies for jobs in the film assiduity after their hassle with Weinstein, all similar companies had the same question why had they left, or failed to continue work, at Miramax? It was nearly like the entire assiduity was performing within a system that knew Harvey Weinstein was a bloodsucker and precisely worked past that detail every time a commodity like this would come up. At one stage of her disquisition, Megan learned of a case of sexual assault filed against Weinstein by a hand in New York, but it was veritably snappily dropped. Megan got in touch with one of the workers from the quarter attorney’s office at the time and asked about why this had happened. This made it veritably clear that Weinstein had been using his influence and connections to bury all these charges, and this case, too, was dropped by the DA’s office, stating that it demanded enough substantiation. Through their disquisition, Megan and Jodi also revealed that, in situations like this, Harvey Weinstein also manipulated the press by giving them openings to cover and write stories or interview actors with ease, using his influence. In return, he assured that the press noway reported anything against him. 
 There was also the clear matter of the system itself trying to cover numbers like Weinstein, or at least to keep workers, especially women, in the dark about similar circumstances in the assiduity. In one case, Megan had a word with a representative at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after she learned that multiple women had filed complaints against indelicateness at the plant at Miramax. The representative easily states that although the Commission does keep a record of which companies have multiple similar complaints against them, it isn't allowed to reveal this information to the public. As Megan points out with surprise, the entire reason for the actuality of such a commission was to insure that women didn't face similar atrocities, and yet, no similar information about a company would be handed to a new hand when she chooses to join the company. After some major leads in the disquisition, the intelligencers managed to get hold of indeed further honored names, similar to Gwyneth Paltrow, to talk about the case, but the fear of Weinstein’s influential control impended over them as well. Eventually, it came down to trying to write about multitudinous cases of sexual assault that had been filed at Miramax against the top master, all of which had so far redounded in nothing other than particular financial agreements. Jodi and Megan indi with Weinstein’s current counsel and the ex-CFO of Miramax, who worked at the company when Weinstein was associated with it. The counsel, who was just a prophet for Harvey Weinstein himself, kept claiming that his customer had committed no similar wrongdoings and put all the blame on the women who were complaining. There were also certain statements by Weinstein and his PR platoon during this time that spoke of the man’s outdated ideas of plant decency and concurrence and assured that the patron was making it a point to mend his ways. still, they noway admitted to the allegations that were being brought against him. It was eventually the determined intelligencers ’ perseverance and constant knocking on every significant door that brought on important changes to the situation. The patron’s counsel admitted to Megan that there had been eight to twelve financial agreements made by Weinstein to women, actors, and sidekicks to insure that they remained silent about their complaints of importunity and assault against him. On the other hand, the theex-CFO had dubieties that Weinstein was using the company’s plutocrat to have adulterous affairs but didn't feel to know that he was making these agreements with the plutocrat. When Jodi tells him about this at the end, the man allows her to make use of anything indicating she could find on his phone, and Jodi finds a piece of pivotal substantiation. An ex-executive had transferred a memo to the board at Miramax complaining about Weinstein’s offenses, but this had been designedly hushed up by the company to cover Harvey and his image. Jodi now finds this on the theex-CFO’s phone, and with this, she and Megan start writing their pivotal composition against Weinstein and Hollywood for the New York Times. 

Along with their findings of the verity, “ She Said ” also provides casts of how it affected Jodi and Megan’s particular lives. Jodi, who was a mama of two youthful children, could hardly find time for her family and had to heavily calculate with the help of her hubby. Megan, on the other hand, had just come to a mama, and she went through a tough phase of postpartum depression too, which was eventually helped by her resumption at work. It has to be mentioned that “ She Said ” shows the two misters as silent but ever-present numbers who give immense support to their women and, in a way, insure that they can achieve what they want. The film also obviously paints a picture of the excruciating agony and sweat that victims had to live through without any work or having to change fields after theybeingppropriately touched or ordered to perform sexual favors. One strike of the film, at least by particular preference, would be that the emphasis on similar emotional or individual factors appears infrequently and scarcely in the film, frequently overshadowed by the factual retelling of the whole matter. Once Jody and Megan were done with their original dupe of the composition, the New York Times reached out to Weinstein and his company for any commentary, and the man eventually visited the review’s head office with his platoon. Then too, he kept stating that all these allegations were false and being made by women who just wanted to make use of his name, and he also hovered to help other publications write papers to fight the one by Jody and Megan. 

‘ She Said ’ Ending Explained What Eventually happed To Harvey Weinstein? 

As a kind of last resort, Weinstein did involve Variety and the Hollywood journalist by talking to them about the New York Times composition that was being written against him. This involvement made the two publications bring out their papers about the NY Times composition, thus taking away any sequestration or confidentiality from the ultimate review’s report. With time running out, Jody and Megan had to find solid substantiation to publish their composition, and this soon came when Ashley Judd called up Jody and told her that she was ready to be named as one of the victims in the composition. One of the former sidekicks to Weinstein, Laura Madden, also agreed to the same and gave a solid list to the composition. Eventually, after getting responses fit to be included from Weinstein himself, the composition was published for the world to read. By this time, Weinstein had formerly made a statement that he was taking a leave of absence from his company, to avoid the public eye amidst the contestation that was soon coming. Within a month following the publication of the composition, 82 women indicted Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. In 2020, the man was eventually condemned of rape and sexual assault and has been serving a 23- time judgment since also. On the other side, Jodi Cantor and Megan Twohey managed to encourage a global discussion about sexual importunity faced by women in workplaces and other walks of life. Their work, which can be considered a major piece of investigative journalism, also managed to bring about changes to laws and structures that enabled similar incidents to take place. 

 “ She Said ” is a 2022 Biopic Drama film 

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