‘ Behind Your Touch ’ Episode 15 Recap & Ending Explained Why Did The Shaman Kidnap Ok Hui?

Behind Your Touch simply seems to have given the fans what they wanted, and the source of that answer seems to have been the conspiracy propositions floating around after episode 14. The story of Episode 15 is each right, but it's just not instigative enough, as everything is predictable or has been derived formerly. Either way, then's a detailed recap and ending of Behind Your Touch Episode 15. 

Does Jang Yeol Figure Out The periodical Killer’s Strategy? 

Seon Woo’s death hits Ye Bun hard, and she's angry with Jang Yeol for suspecting the dead man for so long. Ye Bun latterly admits that she was taking out the wrathfulness she felt for herself on Jang Yeol. But at that moment, she isn't ready to look at Jang Yeol’s face. When Ye Bun is taken for interrogation, the operative in charge points out that she has been a substantiation to two of the murders. He also wants to know why she snuck into the interrogation room when Jong Bae was being questioned in the case of Cha Ju Man’s murder. We're surprised that this question wasn't asked ahead, but for now, when Jang Yeol tries to take her out of the room, the operative blames him for Seon Woo’s death, and that's a sensitive point for Jang Yeol, leading to a fight between both men. This leads to Jang Yeol’s suspense, and indeed he does n’t kick it. still, in his time in Mujin, he annoyed his associates but managed to find some veritably loyal friends in them. 

Jong Mook brings Jang Yeol his ID card, and his other colleague gives him her husband’s auto to use. They want him to continue probing the case in his own capacity, despite a warning from their chief that he'd fire them if they obtruded again. The dominating question on Jang Yeol’s mind is how the killer managed to murder with his eyes closed, and it's the auto that ends up giving him an answer. The killer wore sunglasses, which could appear as a black screen to Ye Bun at first regard, and she'd really have to concentrate on seeing beyond that. This was the trick used by the periodical killer, and Jang Yeol tells Ye Bun. But she does n’t care, as she believes that it was her power that has caused this entire chaos in her life. 

How Does The Shaman Get Arrested? 

The shaman was set up injured in Seon Woo’s factory the night of the murder. He tells the police that someone attacked him from before, and with that, he's formerly again clear of all reservations. Jong Bae also organizes the service for Seon Woo, since he doesn't have anyone differently in city. still, when Ye Bun comes to meet him, she sees him with his sunglasses and is incontinently suspicious. She does n’t indeed stop to explain herself and touches the shaman, chancing out that he's the killer after all. He'd killed Seon Woo and Ju Seok, and he'd also picked her forefather. Except that the last part was contributory damage, and he hadn't intended that. He tells Ye Bun that it's why he does n’t want to kill her since he regrets having had to impale her forefather. 

The reason Jong Bae had killed Seon Woo was because the man had figured out his secret. We had hints of this in the former episodes, but it was painted through the lens of Jong Bae suspecting Seon Woo when it was really the other way around. Seon Woo had blood on his hands because he'd brushed it against Jong Bae. Seon Woo had also set up the cutter used for the murders, and he knew Jong Bae’s secret power. We aren't given an explanation as to how he figured that out, but we're surprised that Seon Woo didn't tell the concerned authorities incontinently and wasted so important time. We believed him to be smarter than that. On that note, Jong Bae’s power is in his eyes. When he looks into someone’s eyes, he can figure out their history, the way Ye Bun does when she touches someone. Ye Bun can not tell anyone about the shaman, because he'd end up targeting them. 

Why Did The Shaman Kidnap Ok Hui? 

Jong Bae is always keeping an eye on Ye Bun, literally and figuratively. He only needs to look into her eyes to know whether she has commended in anyone or not. Knowing this, Ye Bun isn't suitable to attune with Jang Yeol, despite that being the need of the hour. But she manages to find a roadway and slips him a note that reveals the entire verity of the matter. This, right then, is another loophole because indeed though the shaman didn't see the factual end of the note, he should have been suitable to see her writing it and figure out what she did. 

Either way, in one of the before stories, Ye Bun had been forced by Jang Yeol to learn Arabic so that she could note commodity down from memory. Seon Woo had restated it for her at that time, which is why he knew that Ye Bun knew the language. He'd left a indication for her while dying by saying the passcode to his phone in Arabic figures. His phone had recorded his murder, and Jong Bae was the culprit behind everything that had happed in the vill so far. This is enough substantiation to arrest and lock away the shaman. still, during the interrogation, Jong Bae refuses to answer anything if it is n’t Jang Yeol asking the questions. 

Having no choice, Jang Yeol enters the room, and when he asks for the motive behind Jong Bae’s conduct, he finds that the man is just crazed. He'd killed his woman in a fit of rage after discovering her affair. Once he got a taste of that, he continued his band, picking victims at arbitrary, without any minstrelsy or reason. Right now, at the end of Behind Your Touch episode 15, the ace up Jong Bae’s sleeve is that he has abducted Ok Hui, and only he knows where she is. While clearing down Seon Woo’s effects, he saw the Arabic book and flashed back the connection to Ye Bun. He could n’t be sure what they had done, but he'd secured himself by abducting Ok Hui. Ye Bun sees that he has taken her to a field, but after that, it's another blank screen. Ye Bun and Jang Yeol need to let the shaman go if they're to have any stopgap of delivering her in time. 

Final studies 

We've only ever had one complaint with Behind Your Touch, which is that individual good episodes don't make for an overall intriguing narrative. The shaman was the easiest answer, and we wo n’t hold a grudge against him being the choice, but why let it unravel with similar little excitement? Why not add further drama to this action? And we suppose we can forget the love between Ye Bun and Jang Yeol that was suggested at in Behind Your Touch episode 14. This show is each over the place. 

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